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Nitinat Wind Surfer Resorts and (Big Salmon Charters-Port Alberni)

Family going whale watching before the wind picks up,

Thanks for visiting my website, many of you know me as (Fred) the Nitinat Lake Campsite (Former) Manager (Windsurfer Campsite 2003-04), this is my 6th season now providing Whale Watching Tours, Fishing Charters, Cultural Tours and Lake Tours.

I have now expanded my Bussiness Services to include:

Fishing Charters,  Whale Watching, Cultural Tours in Barclay Sound (Private Island) located 1-hour boat ride from Port Alberni BC.

Private Cabin and Beach Campsites Available (Potential New Site for Wind/Kite-surfing?)

Also some of you know the wind at China Creek Campsite, Call me about a new potential WIND/KITE site (Private Beach Camping) at Pollys Point 5-minute drive from downtown Port Alberni BC.



Contact Information  Fred

Tel: 250 731-2734 please call anytime available 24hrs a day or leave a measage or email me.


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Chinook Fishing in August September